Our team of experts brings widespread experience in innovating global sustainability solutions backed by extensive technical knowledge.

Dr. Assheton Carter

Founder and Executive Director

“When you trust people to do the right thing, and you give them the means to do it, the results can be astonishing. We are beginning now, even in these early days of the Impact Facility, to see those results and there is nothing more uplifting to know that we played a small part in these successes.”

Cyrus Njonde Maina

Regional Manager East Africa

“While you might think you could have given more, your impact has probably been bigger than you think. The Impact Facility’s approach to artisanal mining is unique, worth growing, fulfilling to contribute to and bringing hope to the overlooked and underserviced.”

Sarah Caven

Project Development and Impact Investing Lead

“Artisanal and small scale mines are just like the small or medium sized enterprises of any other impact investing sector. What is exciting here is the opportunity to contribute to the development of this frontier investment sector to not only better harness mineral wealth as an economic catalyst for mining communities, but work towards continuous social and environmental improvements.”

David Sturmes

Value chain development lead

“It is easy to get overwhelmed by the numbers, facts and statistics around the ASM sector. Obviously, we need to find scalable solutions to the issues and challenges at hand, but at the end of the day, we are not trying to move statistics, we want to uplift all these incredible real people that stand at the origin of complex, global supply chains. Hard-working men and women welcoming us into their lives as teachers, business partners and friends.”

Julija Menise

Environmental, Social and Governance Risk Management and Compliance Lead.

“I am driven by working with people at upstream of global supply chains who remain vulnerable and in need of support, despite already contributing a large share of global commodity supply. The Impact Facility offers a hands-on approach that strives to make real impact on the ground. Since achieving change is only possible collectively, we seek and forge partnerships between investors, companies and miners sharing our vision of ASM as a driver for community prosperity.”

Patrick Sinyembo​

Country Manager DRC

“In the Lualaba and Haut Katanga regions of the DRC, most citizens are artisanal miners. They are extremely hard workers but they don’t lead the lives they deserve. Through the work of the Impact Facility, I am privileged to participate in the improvement of the miners’ lives by helping to improve their working conditions, implementing a better rating of their production that will lead to a fair wage, and leading miners to other activities such as agriculture through the social program of the Impact Facility.”

Elizabeth Arnott

Research Analyst

“The Impact Facility offers an incredibly unique business model that has the potential to positively affect the industry anywhere it is implemented. It takes into consideration the challenges that small-scale mines face and provides realistic solutions; we offer continuous improvement plans, support and guidance for the mines each step of the way.  It’s a wonderful experience to get to be a part of such innovation.”

Davidzo Muchawaya

Research Analyst and Programme Support

“The Impact Facility uses an innovative model which not only advances economic development but also fosters environmental stewardship and strengthens governance within the ASM sector. The Impact Facility supports the sector to contribute to the achievement of targets linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Our project partners

We are proud of the associations that we have formed with leading local, national and global organisations that share our focus and help us implement our projects on the ground.