Our board of trustees are passionate about the work we do, with the skills and experience to make sure we do it effectively and true to our core values and principles.

Dr. Assheton Carter

“What The Impact Facility has achieved on the ground for those dependant on the minining of minerals and metals has been so fulfilling, but we are only getting started. With a focus on giving these communities access to capital and market, we have grown our board of trustees to bring together an exceptional level of expertise to make this possible.”

Stella Field

I am excited to support the development of the Impact Facility – its vision is ambitious and unique. Having spent my career working in the financial sector, I understand how transformative access to finance can be. Extending this to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world holds great developmental potential, but also opens a door to mutually beneficial business opportunities.

David Finlay

“There is a ‘missing middle’ between the expectations of market actors and the performance levels of the vast majority of ASM sites. The Impact Facility bridges this divide by offering a new way of working for mine sites through the provision of finance and technical support. I’m excited to be connected to The Impact Facility not just because of these mine-level innovations, but also because it opens up new ways for funding partners to drive impact within mining communities, principally through the provision of Impact Investment.” 

Carla Neefs

Artisanal and small-scale mining is here to stay. As actors in the gold supply chain, we all have a responsibility to join hands to make this sector a formal and well-organized partner in international supply chains. We aim to get actors along the value chain well informed about the actual risks, how to mitigate these risks and how to seize the opportunities for building responsible supply chains, and put a stop to smuggling and illegal trade.

Monique Lempers

Especially in current times in which our econimic system is heavily challenged and covid19 is hitting the poorest hardest, it is critical to initiate new ways of working that result in a more inclusive and fairer economy. The Impact Facility is build to do exactly this, and its timing is therefore spot on.

Our project partners

We are proud of the associations that we have formed with leading local, national and global organisations that share our focus and help us implement our projects on the ground.