Digging for Change

In 2018 we have partnered with Fairphone, global lighting company Signify, the Chinese cobalt refiner Huayou Cobalt, ultimately forming the Fair Cobalt Alliance (FCA). The FCA offers companies and a joint action platform to offer technical expertise to and channelling investment into the communities living and working at artisanal cobalt mine sites in the DRC, […]

The charged debate around cobalt

We have spent the last 1.5 years building what now has become the Fair Cobalt Alliance, a multi-year programme to address hazardous working conditions, child labour and low incomes among artisanal cobalt miners. We are actively recruiting additional members to support our vision. Many companies, however, are hesitant to engage with ASM, afraid of being […]

Spotlight on Mercury

Mercury (Hg) is a potent yet toxic element that allows people around the world to extract and concentrate gold during what is called the amalgamation process. Use of Mercury by artisanal and small-scale gold miners accounts for 37% of global mercury emissions (IUCN, 2020), exposing workers to toxic fumes with often detrimental health impacts. Around the […]

New Webinar Series Untangles Fact from Fiction on ASM Gold Mining

Following the cancellation of OECD’s Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains scheduled to take place in Paris this April, Solidaridad and The Impact Facility are pleased to offer an alternative opportunity to bring together professionals from all along the gold supply chain. The two organizations have joined forces to present a series of free webinars, […]

Taking joint action towards fair cobalt

Cobalt is a critical resource for many industries and is seen, by many, as crucial for a transition to a green economy. More than 50% of the world’s cobalt are held in the Copper Belt of the DR Congo, a country still struggling with poverty and malnutrition despite its mineral wealth. Reports about systemic child […]

The real impact of mercury-reducing technology in small-scale gold mining

Sept 10  2min read Evidence of the very real difference that the Impact Facility is making in mining communities across the world comes from Cyrus Maina, our regional manager in East Africa in charge of equipment installations and mine engagement.  Cyrus has just returned from Geita in Tanzania where he helped a local gold mine […]

ESG Handbook in action

The group of miners and mine leaders for whom the training was provided in Tanzania

Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM) offers livelihoods to many thousands of families and communities in the Lake Victoria region. However, the challenges of the work are hard to over-estimate. As detailed in previous blog posts, The Impact Facility has been working with partners and local communities to create a set of guidelines for improving […]

The Impact Escalator 2.0

Our ASM Management Handbook is now online Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to present our Kenyan implementing partners with our completely overhauled ESG Management Handbook providing a step-by-step assessment and implementation guidance of what we refer to as The Impact Escalator. Aligned with all relevant ASM sustainability standards, The Impact Escalator builds on […]

Offering an alternative to full-ore mercury amalgamation

the impact facility preparing for installation

Only a few kilometres from the border of Kenya, after a few bumpy roads and with fertile agricultural land wherever you turn, is the remote and scattered village of Tiira in the Busia District of eastern Uganda. Artisanal and small-scale gold mining represents a crucial livelihood for the local population and is an activity deeply […]

Uganda ASM Gold Value Chain Case Study

example of a water pumping system impact facility

The Impact Facility invests in mining communities throughout Africa, Asia and South America with the goal of creating strong and resilient SMEs and offering sustainable livelihoods for the communities living in resource-rich areas – turning mineral wealth into local prosperity. All ASMOs that are part of the Impact Facility’s ‘Impact Escalator’ program commit to continuous […]