Work with us on a project or as a partner

How we can work together

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities have long been overlooked by the business sector. Recently, however, companies, donors, NGOs and investors have begun to see the vital importance of this sector – especially for the millions that work in it and depend on it. With your help, we can harness the full potential of ASM and turn mineral wealth into prosperity for mining communities.

Work with us as a mining community project.

If you are part of a mining organisation, a local NGO or a small business in a mining community and have a vision of a future of growth and improvement, your project might be right for us. Talk to us about your goals, ambitions and needs.

Work with us as a donor, investor or commercial partner.

Bringing equal measures of financial acumen, investment expertise and in depth knowledge of artisanal mining communities, we can help you use your resources to greatest effect and make maximum impact. we can help you use your resources to greatest effect and make maximum impact. There are four ways you can get involved.

Value Chain Development

We help companies forge positive and sustainable sourcing relationships with mining communities that are committed to achieving best practice production standards.

Convening multi-stakeholder partnerships.

We bring together businesses and organisations, and manage coordinated efforts to tackle important structural, environmental and social issues that require holistic interventions.

Development grants

We channel grants and donations to projects and initiatives that we believe will bring about significant long-term change.

Impact investment

We manage investment opportunities in business development and environmental initiatives that capture value for both investors and communities.