How we measure investment the impact of our work.

Our goal is to have measurable impact on the mining communities we engage with. To that end, we continuously and meticulously measure the success of our programmes to ensure that we maximise our reach – and the social return of our investment and grant capital.

The impact indicators that measure success

Capturing metrics such as profitability and production levels is equally important as monitoring minimum pay, and we have introduced a range of indicators that help us adapt our strategy based on what we know works well. By measuring impact we can make informed investment decisions based on evidence as well as first-hand experience. Here are the five Impact Indicators we use to measure success.

Strong community enterprises

We measure outcomes around increased levels of legal formalisation, financial empowerment, and increased productivity.

Sustainable Landscapes

We measure outcomes around environmental stewardship, and economic impact on the community in the form of increased worker incomes. 

Materials risk reduction

We measure outcomes around traceable market supply, and safeguarding society and the environment with responsible production practices.

Service quality and business-led engagement effectiveness

We measure outcomes around scaling impact through engagement and investment, mine organisational financial literacy credibility, and Impact Facility and partner organisational credibility.

Viable impact investments

We measure outcomes around funds invested and financial accountability.

Alignment with The U.N's Sustainable Development Goals

Turning mineral exploitation into a driver for rural development, our work in poverty reduction, health and safety, and global supply chain engagement is fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

sdg no poverty impact facility
sdg decent work and economic growth impact facility
sdg responsible consumption and production impact facility
sdg climate action impact facility
sdg partnerships for the goals impact facility

how we are making an impact - with your help

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